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Customer Experience and Employee Experience have become part of the strategy and way of working at successful organizations. However, the world of CX and EX has changed. The pandemic has led to an enormous acceleration in the digitization of customer and employee contact. So now we must ask ourselves: how are organizations going to maintain, and preferably deepen, the emotional connection with customers and employees (even at distance)? What options and techniques are available to today’s professionals?

The Dutch CX and EX community ‘leading group Customer Experience Management’ -consisting of approximately 30 members- and consultancy agency Altuïtion recently launched the Virtual 9+ Experience World Tour (VX World Tour). VX World Tour is an interactive webinar initiative with the purpose of sharing knowledge and facilitating discussions with amazing speakers around the world. Every month we ‘visit’ experts with fascinating stories about CX and EX.

The idea behind Virtual 9+ Experience World Tour

The initiative originated when the leaders of the Dutch CX and EX community and Altuïtion came up with the idea to jointly make a world tour to meet various industry experts in the field of Customer Experience and Employee Experience. Due do the pandemic the trip itself was canceled. This is when the idea came up to convert the trip into a digital world tour with multiple online sessions. The advantage of a digital world tour is that many more people can participate. Our goal is to share knowledge, mutually and with everyone who is interested in Customer and Employee Experience in the Netherlands.

Participation is free

All our interactive webinars are free of charge. Our goal is to raise the bar of CX and EX in the Netherlands. Learning together is what’s important to us.

Hopefully, we have sparked your interest. You can join and sign up for a webinar, via ‘program and agenda’.

Kind regards, the Dutch CX and EX community leaders and Altuïtion BV.