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Traveling enriches our lives, expands our world and sharpens our vision. We’re excited to invite you as a virtual travel companion on our Virtual Experience Knowledge Tour: a journey to the ‘greenspots’ in the world of Customer & Employee Experience. International, coronaproof and thrill guaranteed.
Your voucher is already paid for. You travel for free – not as a stowaway, but as a business class passenger. It doesn’t matter if you join for the whole trip, or get off every now and then for a personal excursion on the spot: you can catch up any time. The only thing that matters is that you want to enrich your (professional) life, expand your world and sharpen your vision. In other words: that you want to travel the world of CX and EX.

Let’s sail!


VX World Tour is powered by

Altuïtion and the Dutch CX & EX leader group

CX & EX Leader
Jaap Jansens

Customer Experience Manager at Hoppenbrouwers

CX & EX Leader
Nienke Schutter

Marketeer Klantbeleving at de Volksbank

CX & EX Leader
Jos Haukes

Marketeer & Customer Experience at Regiobank

CX & EX Leader
Rien Brus

Sr Consultant Strategy & Transformation at APG

CX & EX Leader
Willem Willemse

Manager Customer Interaction Centre at BMW Group

CX & EX Leader
Marjolein Mens

Operations Director at Anticimex

CX & EX Leader
Fabian Kortekaas

International Director CX Strategy & Innovation at TUI

CX & EX Leader
Friederike Niehoff

Manager Customer Experience at Swiss Sense

CX & EX Leader
Jini Sankatsing

Director Customer Experience at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

CX & EX Leader
Susan Fledderus

Marketing and Communication Manager at Apenheul

CX & EX Leader
Maarten Timmers

Head of Customer Experience & Marketing at Florius

CX & EX Leader
Martijn Lekx

Director Marketing, Business Intelligence & Events at Dutch Chamber of Commerce

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21-Sep 2022 12:00:00


Henk de Torbal

Lead Link Customer Value at Consumentenbond

Creative Entrepeneur New